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Employing Young Talent Incentive (EYTI) provides employers with up to $2,000 for hiring and retaining youth.

To qualify for the Employing Young Talent Incentive, employers must:

  • Have fewer than 100 employees, full and part-time combined, counted at the point the youth will be hired
  • Hire a youth between the ages of 15-29 in a position that averages a minimum of 20 hours/week
  • Retain the youth in a position that continues to average a minimum of 20 hours/week
  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario and provide the job in Ontario

Hire a youth for a minimum of 20 hours/week = $1000.00 Retain the youth for 6 months (min. 20 hours/week) = $1000.00
Total incentive received = $2000.00

Youth Job Link focuses on youth including students, who are between the ages of 15-29 and looking for employment.  This could include summer, after school and permanent full-time employment.  Services under this program include on job matching and preparing youth for the job market. Financial support, limited to a maximum of $300 per job match, may be strategically offered to youth, to help them become job ready.  To be eligible, the youth must be brand new to the job market with no previous work experience.

META can offer these NO COST services

  • Career exploration support to increase knowledge of career options and the labour market
  • Career management support to provide youth with personal management & life, work decision making skills to foresee, anticipate and adapt to labour market change
  • Job readiness support to provide youth with the skills to conduct an independent job search and with on-the-job skills to effectively integrate the workforce
  • Job matching to connect youth with employment opportunities, including summer jobs
  • Financial support to help youth become job ready

For more information on Youth Job Link or other programs offered at META Employment Services, visit our office or call 613-966-9069.

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