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Supported Employment / ODSP

META is offering a new Supported Employment Program for individuals who are living with a disability.

Who Can Participate?

Individuals who self-identify as a person with a disability and:

  • Live in Prince Edward County or Hastings County South of Highway 7 (excluding Madoc & Tweed);
  • Are a resident of Ontario and;
  • Are eligible to work in Canada and;
  • Are unemployed—or—
    Are not currently in competitive employment or in school full-time

What Services Are Provided?

Service Planning and Coordination
Working with participants to assess their skills, create a plan, and identify other community services that could help them achieve their goals.

Employability Skills
Workshops and other activities to help transition to work, maintain work or develop career advancement skills

Job Search
Providing access to and assistance with job search tools and applications, accompanying participants to interviews, and advising on disclosing a disability.

Job Matching and Development
Developing employment opportunities and providing resources to employers and job seekers alike
to make good matches.

Job Coaching
Providing on-site support for employers and program participants to ensure an effective and sustainable transition to employment.

Job Retention
Providing ongoing support to employers and participants to help maintain a positive and sustainable employment relationship.


ODSP Employment Supports Program

The Employment Supports Program is funded by the Ontario Disability Supports Program (ODSP) through the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS). META has been providing services for the MCSS since 1979.

For those who qualify,  this program provides one-to-one service, supporting job seekers who have barriers to employment and varying abilities. We can offer job coaching, assisted job search, employment preparation, workplace experience placements, support and monitoring.


ODSP and Work

Yes, you can work while you are getting financial help from ODSP!

And you will have more money while working than you would from ODSP Income Support alone.

If you are on ODSP and you want to work, META can help with the costs of getting ready for, finding and starting a job.  CONTACT US for more information.

Want the facts?  Have a look at these two documents published by the Government of Ontario:

Information Sheet

All the Details

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